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3rd Regional Alumni Conference- Green Sector in Cebu, the Philipines on "Southeast Asia Green Sector Network Formation"" was organized by GIZ on 15-16 November 2014 at Lapu-Lapu city, Cebu, Philippines. There were 36 participants which 19 persons are female, 10 alumni from Cambodia, 9 alumni from Vietnam, 1 alumnus from Indoesia and 16 almni from the Philippines. Ms. Pok Theary, representative of COMPED-WM has participated the workshop. It was a great chance for her to learn, share and make more network and relationship among the participants.


The objectives of this participatory workshop are:


  1. Objective for Green Sector Alumni
    • To raise awareness on Reduction of Short Lived Climate Pollutants(SLCPs) from Waste Management

    • To update about Solid Waste Management in Battambang City and its impact on enviroment and living organism including field visits to markets and landfill to let the participants capture the image of the issues and the complex impact in solid waste management in Battambang city.

    • To actively participate in identifying the problem in waste management, get the introduction of applied Community Based Solid Waste Management (CBM)

    • To be able to do Cost/Benefit Analysis in waste management

    • To be able to development of own Vision, Policy and Strategies for Battambang City

    • To understand Win-win approach in CBM: Polluter Pays Principle, Fee collection

    • To prepare Solid Waste Management City Planning (associate with SLCP emission reduction)

  2. Expected Outcome:

  3. The guiding framework for the proposed SEA Regional Alumni Network of Green Sector professionals is prepared, including the succeeding steps to lead to its formal establishment.

    1. Vision:

      "By 2020, to be internationally recognized as one of the prime moves in the Green Sector".

    2. Mission:

      "We are a net work of Germany Alumni committed to sastainable development in the green sector for the improvemnt of quality of life in Asia."

  4. Results

    1. Green Sector
    2. _ Biodiversity management

      _ Solid waste management

      _ Alternative renewable

      _ Water resources management

      _ Disaster risk management

      _ Clean air

      _ Climate change

      _ Green city development

      _ Coastal Zone management

      _ Green economy

      _ Eco_Tourism

      _ Green technology

      _ Green education

    3. Select top 3 of green sector for 3 years (2015-2017)
      • Eco-touris
      • Green education
      • Green economy
    4. Group discussion to archive goals (2015-2017)
      • Group Cambodia



Green education

Green economy

  • Advocacy
  • Cycling tour promoting ecotourism (CFI) and (KDF).
  • Organize sea festival
  • Cycling to primary say NO to plastic bags. (KDF) and (CFI)
  • Cycling for environment – collecting waste tour. (KDF) and (CFI)
  • MoEYs to add green education in to state policy by Green –based approach.
  • National green day (head statement to state/ministry) (SEAG-N)
  • Develop key message photos, Videos to Adocar MPP to have cycling road.
  • Reinforce green policy in organization in June (FHI)
  • Transfer of Knowledge
  • One village one product

 ( SNV)



  • Technical Assistance
  • Improve sanitation and hygiene at tourist community (SNV).
  • Bio- agricultural inputs
  • Solar-power for select ID-poor 500 households in one province at rural area.
  • Capacity Building
  • Youth study visit to eco-site
  • Organize awareness raising to community by youth-led-group
  • Training on solid waste management at Battambang province on July or August.
  • Eco- youth campaign to purpose cleaning, raining awareness, planting tree


  • Experience sharing on ecotourism to youth saving group members (KDF and FHF).
  • Training on organic asparagus production.
  • Integrate green education in quarterly training to implementation partners in November (FAI)




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