Awareness Raising and Waste Management Advocacy for student volunteers from Singapore Schools and for improving Municipal Solid Waste Management in Battambang Municipality, Cambodia

On January 31st to February 03rd, 2016

The international awareness was initiated by Jum Foundation ( On January 31st, 2016, about 90 international students of grade 10 from Singapore, have spent their week in Battambang for the school program including the awareness raising and waste management advocacy with COMPED-WM. They were divided into 6 groups of about 10-15 students each conducted the following session:


Activity 1 Capacity building/awareness raising/Advocacy for Singapore students on solid waste management in Battambang Municipality, Cambodia


The following presentation and videos were given:



  • Type of waste and its respective sources
  • Impact of solid waste management including video clips
  • Best practice for organic waste and in-organic waste
  • Integrated solid waste management
  • Current solid Waste Management in Battambang with key success and Challenge


Activity 2 Cleaning Campaign and organic waste separation at source Promotion


Cleaning campaign is the model show strategy for the public in Battambang city, esp to promote waste separation at source. It is to have the interaction between the students from Singapore and people in Battambang, households and communities there together to make things change. The students actively collected organic waste from the markets, load into waste truck of COMPED-WM and then take it to the composting plant next to the dump site. Each team manually unload the waste from the truck and were explained on the composting process till the final product.


All in all, it was a unique experience for them to work with urban biomass waste recycling and seen the landfill nearby of about 100T/day dumping waste at open pit landfill of Battambang Municipality; and potential reuse of plastic by using as the construction material a plastic bottle brick house at the centre as well.


Activity 3: Greening the ground (planting trees)


The last session of each group, the students have opportunity to plant symbolic trees in between the composting plant and the landfill.


COMPED-WM would like to acknowledge to the volunteer from Germany Mr. Sven Hoffmann and Mr. Heng Kim, Mr. Sam Phalla and the Battambang city hall staffs to support in these activities successfully achieved, esp. to collect organic waste collection with the international student volunteers and transport from Pou Puy Market to the recycling centre.

Note: Because of privacy and confidentiality, the taken photos of them were not available for the public.


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