February 04, 2016

COMPED-Waste Management was invited United States Peace Corps’ volunteer to provide its contribution on Solid Waste Management Awareness for 2 hours On Thursday, 04th February, 2016 at Lvea High school, Bavit District, Battambang Province. There are 400 participation including students, teachers and school director.


The Presentation points at:


The negative environmental and personal health impacts of littering and improper waste disposal. The current status of Cambodia's waste management.

How to prevent these issues by identifying and separating waste. How to dispose each type of waste. Such as plastic bottles; cans; cardboard; paper and organic waste and so on – introducing 3Rs concept: reduce, reuse & recycle.



Videos show on:

  1. Minamata Disease
  2. Effective of waste into the surface water
  3. Effective of plastic burning
  4. Health and Hygiene


Last but not least, it was shown about practical composting either at home backyard or at schools.


Comic script of 200 books titled “Do Not Waste Your Wastes,” initiated and financial supported from EXO Foundation were donated to the school for the awareness raising purpose onsite. The book was about the effects of plastic waste, solution , waste separation, and recycling waste. The digital English version can be available from www.exofoundation.org.


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