Project Title: Study on “Establishing MRV for development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in wastewater sector


July 2012 – February 2013


1 Background

 IGES is conducting a study on ‘Establishing New Market Mechanism through the Development of Methodological and Institutional Framework for MRV (Measurable, Reportable, and Verifiable) in Developing Countries’. Freshwater sub-group of IGES will complement this study by conducting a ‘Study on establishing MRV for the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in wastewater sector’. Specifically, the research sub-component has the following objective:
  • Establish a MRV procedure for GHG emission reduction in wastewater sector with specific focus on high to medium organic strength wastewater and domestic or municipal wastewater sources in Cambodia. 

In order to achieve the objective, options and barriers for establishing MRV will be assessed with reference to NAMA development in Cambodia. The main activities of the study include:

  • Collection of baseline information on wastewater sources, their volume, and distribution. Similarly, listing of available technologies of wastewater treatment for high, medium and low organic strength wastewater. The technologies could include co-generation system, such as wastewater-biogas-energy, and decentralized wastewater management systems.
  • Compile secondary information related to wastewater management problems and issues. Identify existing approaches and new initiatives for the wastewater management.  Similarly, review of progress on NAMA preparation, with specific focus on wastewater sector.
  • Collection of data related to main water sources (surface and groundwater) and water demand for main use sectors. The data will be used to assess the potential demand for reuse of treated wastewater. In addition to that potential application of wastewater sludge in farmlands will be assessed. 
  • Consultation with stakeholders and visit to selected wastewater treatment plants (industrial and domestic). 

2 Activities and overall outcomes of the pilot project implementation


The following activities have been conducted:

  • Biogas Potential from Agro-Industrial Wastewater in Cambodia (primarily, Pig farm and Cassava)
  • Domestic Wastewater Management in Major Cities/Municipality
  • Decentralized Wastewaster Treatment System (DEWATS); and
  • Related Law and Regulation

Sedimentation chambers (actual) and biogas cover lagoon (planned and stuck) for cassava wastwater at TTY factory


Covered biogas lagoon at M's Pig ACMC's Pig Farm


Siem Reap's Wastewater Stabilization Pond System


DEWATS for decentralised domestic waste water treatment


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