March 05, 2015



UNIDO, together with the Republic of Korea through Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Samsung Electronics joined hands in 2012 to design and implement a programme that aims at ensuring effective e-waste management and creating employment opportunities in the related repair and recycling industry in Cambodia. It is to develop a Business model for a manual e-waste dismantling facility in Cambodia and so require data on e-waste as pre-define by UNIDO. COMPED-WM has been contracted for a simple field study based on face-to-face interviews with prepared questionnaires covering the data requirement as listed in the TORs. The study location is only focus in Phnom Penh Municipality for 4 weeks starting from 2nd -30th March, 2015.  



Field Research


As mentioned in TOR, the business model considers the following appliances and the data gathering should be specific to them where possible and appropriate:

  • small household appliances (coffee machines, irons, sewing machines)
  • PC/Server, Notebook, Printer, and various IT accessories
  • mobile phones
  • audio appliances, video appliances
  • CRT screens, LCD screens, CRT TVs, LCD TVs


Semi-structured interviews applying open-ended questions will be apply to interview and consult with the formal sectors concerning to e-waste management such as:

  • Department of Environment
  • Department of Industry and Handicraft

And informal sector such as:

  • E-waste collectors of about 15 scavengers
  • Junkshops of about 30 different places focusing the above mentioned waste items

And other stakeholders concerning to the e-waste business model development such as

  • Transportation Agency
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Insurance Agency

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