April - July 2014
Rapid City Assessment of Battambang City under the CCAC-MSWI
1 Background

Based on the decision of the Working Group and Steering Committee of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short Lived Climate Pollutants (hereafter referred to as the CCAC), UNEP agrees to co-operate with IGES with respect to the project entitled Phase II – Implementing on-the-ground action with cities and maintaining the infrastructure of the Initiative – City Assessments, of the Municipal Solid Waste Initiativein selected cities (Phitsanulok in Thailand, Battambang in Cambodia, Surabaya in Indonesia, and Cebu in the Philippines). 

IGES, in collaboration with COMPED, would like to ensure smooth implementation of this project at Battambang City, Cambodia. Therefore, we agree to work together on the following specification of the work.

2 Specification of the Work
COMPED, in consultation with IGES, shall;
  1. In close cooperation with Battambang City undertakes city assessments based on the template prepared by the Municipal Solid Waste Sector Initiative lead partners as below:
    1. Introduction
    2. General
    3. Waste collection
    4. Recycling
    5. Transfer station
    6. Landfill-dump (Open and Closed)
    7. Composting
    8. Waste to energy
    9. OBA-RBF Assessment
    10. Project Development Notes
  2. In close cooperation with Battambang City and relevant stakeholders, COMPED should organize a participatory workshop to identify a set of suggestions and develop a work plan to address SLCPs emission from municipal solid waste management of the cities.
City Assessment meeting with Battambang city governor and other stakeholders
Waste collection by CINTRI and Composting plant of COMPED
Old/closed dumpsite and new dumpsite in Battambang city in May 2014

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