Press Conference, Launch of the Comic Strip "Don't waste your waste" & Plastic Bottle Brick House Building Close-up Ceremony at COMPED's Social Waste Management Centre, Battambang City, Cambodia
Written on June 11th, 2015

Battambang: On the afternoon of May 28th, 2015, located next to Battambang municipal landfill in Chamkar Samrong Village, Sangkat Chamkar Samrong, with the initiative and support from Exo Foundation (, COMPED-Waste Management Projects Group in collaboration with Battambang City Hall celebrated the above event, which was highly presided over by H.E Sou Sovuth Vice Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Chan Sophal Vice Governor of Battambang province, Mr. Sieng Em Wounzy Battambang City Governor, Ms. Christine Jacquemin Director of Exo Foundation and as the initiator and donor of the project and COMPED-Waste Management Projects Group. The ceremony also was attended by senior officials from Battambang city and relevant departments from Battambang province, community residents, and university students of about 100 people.


After welcome remarks and a summary report of Mr. Sam Phalla Vice director COMPED-WM and has reminded that SAB Centre (Soziales Abfallzentrum Battambang/Social Waste Management Centre) was constructed in 2010 under the support from German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Thüringisch Kambodschanishe Gesellschaft (TKG) Germany mainly for serving for informal sector and poor families’ children for getting better education and sanitation; and for waste recycling such as composting or biogas using the municipal market waste to reduce the organic waste dumping into the landfill.


Ms. Christine Jacquemin recalled her youth when her mother was telling her never to throw waste on the floor or on the ground whereas at that time, there was no problem about the environment yet, however, her mom kept educating her this way out of respect for nature, respect of other people and just self-respect. Ms. Christine added that “nowadays there is a huge environmental problem but no education about this as we can witness and suffer from now in this landfill, toxic fumes is surrounding us, but most people don’t care and are so dirty because they don’t know, they don’t see the impact of their anarchic waste disposal”.

EXO Foundation / COMPED project is meant on one hand to raise awareness on why it is so important to reduce waste with the comic strip "Do not waste your waste", and, on the other hand to provide solutions of how to recycle the unavoidable share of plastic waste. This plastic bottle brick construction is an example of how to reduce waste discharge into the environment threatening our quality of life, our health and biodiversity.



Speaking at the event, the Vice provincial governor of Battambang H.E. Cheam Chan Sophan has expressed that Cambodia as well as Battambang has a lack of financial and human resources, especially at the community level so that civil society organizations and private institutions play an important role in the community participation and support in Solid Waste Management Management. We have seen achievements as such Battambang City got No. 1 winner of Romduol 3 Torng in the City Clean Competition of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


The delegation from the Ministry of Environment, H.E Sou Sovuth Under Secretary of State of MOE has acknowledged that there is much work that we do need to join together to urge municipal solid waste management in waste separation at source to be able to transform waste into resources again, for example, organic waste which is more than 60% of the total waste generation can be processed into compost or bio-gas for heating or lighting; and plastic waste which have more than 15% can be processed into plastic bottle bricks as example. So, if we are successful in separating waste, it means that we can have possibility to recycle waste at least 75% above into resource. Therefore, it is possible to delay landfill lifetime, reduce impacts of the landfill, get further resources/recycled raw materials, boost direct and indirect green jobs, reduce raw material consumption, and especially can contribute greatly to preventing climate change leading to global warming and biodiversity pollution, and so on.


On that occasion, there was also handover session of the comic strip books to the Ministry of Environment, Provincial Hall, City Hall, Communities, University of Battambang, other NGOs and private sector as well. It was followed by the model show of the bottle filling with plastic waste, impression of the communities, who participate in the project and the rough narration of the comic strip books. The event was ended with very nice memory and Exo Foundation is glad to look for further support of such environmental projects.


by Mr. Rithy Uch Director of COMPED-WM

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