Public Hearing and Pilot Campaign for Promoting Cleanliness

Waste Separation and Stop Open Burning of Waste


Under financial support from UNEP for the ‘Mitigating SLCPs from landfills and municipal solid waste – cities reducing emissions through improved waste management’ initiative of the CCAC in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, COMPED-WM in collaboration and technical support from IGES has organized the following activities:


Activity 1 At Road No. 1 and Road No. 3 and Pilot Campaign:


Public Hearing was organized on 21st April 2016 for those targeted area including vendors, civil servants, and school children to involve them, esp. the residents in proposed heritage areas along those roads in order to formulate an appropriate work plan based on the local context including feedback from the participants on waste separation promotion along the Road No. 1 and Road No. 3 setting the collection schedule, sign and strategy on how to perform waste discharge, collection and transport separately in more details. Likewise, they also acknowledged the participation of the public in caring on cleanliness, esp. along Road No. 1 at eastern and western part of Sangker River are much clean nowadays. The public participation of every one is very important in the success of solid waste management in the city.



Pilot Waste Separation Campaign in cooperation with DOE Battambang and Battambang City Hall:


Public Hearing at Por Khnong Pagoda


Public hearing at the pagoda was done on 21st April , 2016 for the pilot project for the pagoda for promoting waste separation at source, stop burning waste and feasible waste recycling on site (composting)


Public Hearing at Phuo Puy Vegetable Wholesale Market

The Public Hearing was also organised at Phuo Puy market to give better understanding to the vendors, esp. on the importance of waste separation at source. The vendors was requested to place their organic waste separately from plastic waste and keep for the organic truck come to collect or they can take it to the CINTRI waste containers. The activity shall be taken in small groups with their availability from selling and needs to repeat over the period to reach more and more people from place to place at the market.


The vendors were happy to participate in the waste separation at their stores for the separated transport as it would help for improving hygiene and sanitation at the market and also gives more options for potential organic waste consumption such as animal food, composting or biogas production.


Promotional materials for waste separation at source and waste collection by volunteers and experts from Germany




Pure organic waste collection and transportation from Phuo Puy Market
Organic waste recycling into compost product by Open windrow composting method


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