March 15th, 2016

Under financial support from UNEP for the ‘Mitigating SLCPs from landfills and municipal solid waste – cities reducing emissions through improved waste management’ initiative of the CCAC in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, COMPED-WM in collaboration and technical support from IGES, has organized a Public Workshop on March 15th, 2016 at Battambang City Hall comprising of 49 participants from provincial hall, CINTRI, Sangkat councils, market committees, Battambang​​ municipality, Sangkat headman, Department of Environment, Department of Public Works, Department of Health, students, pagodas, hotel, restaurant, citizens/vendors at heritage sites and COMPED.


The Public Workshop has performed as below:


Presentation and dialogue on Type of waste, impact and benefit of waste separation at source; proposed pilot project on promotion of waste separation at source; and waste separation strategy including videos on"Don't Wasteyour Food Waste!” “Feasible waste recycling into compost by COMPED in Battambang city”; “Slide Video on Feasible waste reuse and recycling"


It was also introduced on the complexity in waste management concerning to industrial development; materialism; population growth; city development; and livelihood as well as reminded about at least 3 main municipal waste categories, which would be supposed to be separated; and its impact to the environment and health and other key messages to the participants.




Opening Ceremony by Battambang City Governor sharing experience on good practice in behavior change in waste littering and encourage the public to separate solid waste at source



Group photo with waste separation bins with the public




Explanation on GHGs effects on Global Warming



Idea sharing on solid waste management at sources by public, authorities, private waste collection company


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