Public workshop for raise the awareness to public in reduction impact to environment that comes from waste keeping, this workshop is focus to waste separation and recycling waste in other to contribute to reduction waste dump at landfill. The Organic waste can be the pet food, composting, and bio-gas; other mental waste can sell to support family economy as well. This cause not only a factor can extract time using landfill longer and stabilization, but also reduce some environment pollution as well.






This workshop has actively association from administration of Battambang city, department of provincial environment and partner organization in making this event happened and had participation from monk, pagoda commissioner, and public in other to get knowledge, experience and good advises to implement and share to other people referring to protect the environment for human in future generations.



Meanwhile, there are place new trash bins for facilitating to waste separation. Orange bin use for dry waste such as plastic, paper, glass, garment; on the other hand, green bin is for wet waste such as kitchen waste, food waste………




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