The 2 days training workshop on “developing national waste management strategy” on 25-26th July 2016 at Hotel Cambodiana, prepared by COMPED’s Waste Management Projects group in cooperation with Ministry of Environment and Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) from Japan, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). There were total 65 persons attended the training workshop including Under-secretary of State of Ministry of Environment, General Director of General Directorate of Environmental protection, representative of UNEP, MOE’s Staff, representative of Nexus, representative of Asia Foundation, CINTRI’s staff, other national and international participants.



The first national workshop for developing national waste management strategies in Cambodia aims

  1. To highlight baseline data and establish benchmarks/milestones for future work. All waste streams in a given municipal area are assessed to develop a complete waste inventory. This activity includes source identification, quantification, and characterization of different types of wastes   
  2. To conduct a comprehensive assessment of the extent and effectiveness of the existing waste management practices from collection to final disposal is undertaken.
  3. To identify constraints and areas for improvement to meet the desired level of performance. Once waste data is discussed and the gaps in the current waste management system are highlighted, the next set of discussions will be to set the targets to be achieved through improved waste management system.
  4. To develop the outline of the strategy and action plan for any modifications.

The workshop was quite good performance using some exercises, group discussion, group presentation.








Phnom Penh, 25-26th July 2016

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