Features of the technology for Cambodia:

  • Fully biological wastewater treatment process with immobilized microorganisms, so-called biofilms
  • High performance capabilities, with securely wastewater treatment and minimum operating costs
  • Modular and especially simple construction from 4 to 500 population equivalent
  • Minimal maintenance effort, simple and easy to use
  • Collection and treatment at the place of wastewater occurring
  • Operate year-around under given climatic conditions
  • Largely independent of hydraulic conditions in the bioreactor
  • Reduced excess sludge
  • Cost-effective and planned as a permanent solution

Benefits for Cambodia

  • Planning, Project engineering and construction of the plants in Cambodia, adapted to the local conditions
  • Know-how and technology transfer in the sector wastewater treatment technologies
  • Sensitization in dealing with (waste) waster, sanitation and hygiene
  • Conduct of seminars and demonstration at pilot plant site in Kampong Chhnang
  • Target groups: municipalities, communities, public institutions as well as hotels and guest houses
  • Constructional requirements for type approval







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