Title of project:

Promotion of the efficient use of renewable energies in developing Countries



2007 – 2009


DGS-Deutsche Gesellschaft fyer Sonnenenergy, Germany
    TSE-Turku School of Economic, Finland,
ITC-Institute of Technology of Cambodia,
NUOL-National University of Laos,
CDEA- Community Development and Environment Association, Laos   

Funded by:

Intelligent Energy Europe
Project Summary: The REEPRO project is motivated by the fact that poor households in Developing Countries  often lack access to basic energy services. The proposed project shall lead often lack to the; provision of energy services to those currently un-served or underserved by higher quality; energy services on the basis of an introduction of renewable energies and energy efficiency.


  The main implemented activities of the projects were: 
      Conduction and Organizing Training
      Training the Trainer and Training Kit Editing Workshop.  The goal of the training was to enable the
        participants to deliver training and assist in implementing renewable energy activities thus creating local multiplier effect. The participants were engineers and experts.


  Technician Trainings in 5 geographical areas of the pilot communities. The trainees were enabled to
        become level 2 and 3 trainers and develop and implement RES projects in their communities.
      Community Stakeholder Trainings in the geographical areas of the pilot communities.
The targeted participants were local stakeholders in the geographical areas of the pilot communities, such as politicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs, teachers etc. They were enabled to understand the economical and technical benefits of adequate RES technologies for the well being of their communities.

Community Showcases

      At COMPED training center were installed a 4 m3 biogas plant and 80 Kwh solar home system.
      Two battery charging station with solar energy in Kampong Chnang,
      SHS for Kampong Thom Orphanage
  REEPRO Manual on solar energy, biogas and gasification [link]

Photos Activities


Project activities Reports  in PDF file



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