Pro-poor and Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Pro-poor and Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Secondary Cities and Small Towns Project” for IRRC supported by UNESCAP has been implementing at Stage 2 after the result of waste analysis and conducted a research on municipal waste in early 2012. The goal of IRRC is to promote decentralized composting which the Battambang City has planned to contribute 80m2 in 13 Makara village, Sangkat 13 Makara near 13 Makara Market. However, first the waste has to be separated at source. Yet, it is not yet the time for operating IRRC, but to encourage people to participate in waste separation.


Therefore, at Stage 2 the project activities we focused on the public awareness raising in waste separation promotion at the two markets: 13 Makara Market and Boeng Chhouk Market. At that moment, it was supposed that the separated organic waste during the promotion period would be disposed at the existing composting plant of COMPED, which is located next to Battambang dumpsite.


If the vendors, cleaning contractors, waste cleaners, waste transporters and market committees were actively participated in the promotion, UNESCAP would proceed the Stage 3 of the project, which would be the Environmental Impact Assessment of the area surrounding both markets before investing on the construction of IRRC at the proposed site in 13 Makara village.


In the frame of project implementation on waste separation at source under funding support from UNESCAP, it is targeted on 2 markets named Boeng Chhouk market and 13 Makara Market for promoting waste separation with the following activities.



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