Five Days Training Skill Offer to People Living with HIV/AIDS  
  Training on chicken raising and small scale business for people living with HIV/AIDS
  Between the 10.03.12 and 14.03.12, COMPED organized a chicken training in our agriculture training center for disable people - COMPED HOME. In cooperation with the Thüringisch-Kambodschanischen Gesellschaft - TKG, especially through strongly support by Ms. Andrea Lindner and financial support of several individual sponsors, we were able to organize a second training on chicken farm for people living with HIV/AIDS. The goal of the training is to provide those people the opportunity getting extra income through their own chicken farm. The project was organized by COMPED under support of the organization CHEC by selecting target group and CelAgrid and NCDP as expert on chicken farm and small scale business plan.
  Fifteen people living with HIV/AIDS were invited. All of the trainees are from Kandal province, Sa Ang District and most of them work as rice farmers. The Cambodian organization CHEC selected those fifteen farmers according to the criteria set by COMPED. Before begin of the training questionnaires (pre-test) were handed out to the trainees for measure up their knowledge on chicken growing. Only 4 of 15 trainees passed the pre-test. Moreover about 50% of the participants were not able to read or write, they got support to fill out the questionnaires. All of the participants had a little experience in chicken Raising.
  After three days training by CelAgrid on chicken farm and two days on small scale business plan by expert of NCDP, all trainees were requested to complete the post test. 14 from 15 achieved a good score in the test after the training. Besides the theoretical part, the participants were able to gain practical experience through role-plays, group work and several discussions. All of the trainees were focused and followed the presentations very interested, the atmosphere between them and then stuff was relaxed. They worked as a team during group works and had lots of fun. For example, they discussed former problems with chicken raising and worked out solutions to prevent problems in the future.
  Also the residents of COMPED HOME were very interested and attended the training to discuss their problems in chicken raising in the past. Especially Mr. Tina, who is in charge of the chicken farm in COMPED HOME and who has already participated a chicken training, was very active and assisted the coaches in the practical part of the training.
  After the training the trainees get the task to establish a small business plan for their own chicken farm. In a couple weeks project leader of COMPED will visit the trainees in their hometowns to check the development and their business plans for the chicken farms. If they created a plan, they will get a start-up capital to buy chicken, vaccination, materials for a chicken cage. The project lasts three months and the participants will get professional support due this time.

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