Since 2000 the TKG and COMPED are working closely together to enable poor children in Cambodia to go to school and have the chance to receive vocational training. Although, all children in Cambodia have the same rights for school education, many poor families can only afford to send their children to school untill the 6th or maximum 9th grade. This level of education makes it very hard for these children to improve their living condition. Those children urgently need support, so they have a chance to stay out of the vicious circle of poverty. To support such children, all individual, families, companies and other are welcome to become godparent. Your godchild will stay in his/her family and be able to go to school. COMPED staff visit them twice a year to see the learn progress, living condition and report it to godparent once a year.   Each child receives a financial support from 10 to 20 USD per month, depending on the donation of their godparents.


For those who are interested in the project, please visit our partners online at
and contact direct with our sponsor team


Ms. Christel Neumann[email protected]
Ms. Ivonne Weigel, [email protected]  and
Ms. Carmen Schenderlein, [email protected]



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