School pate project is a part of social waste management center project - SAB in Battambang. 
  The project is located on the dumpsite in Battambang. The main objective of the project is to improve the waste pickers life as well as their working conditions and also raising their income and providing extra education to their children. 
  In Battambang City, there are about 80 families working as waste pickers along the road in the city and directly on the dumpsite. Their main activity is sorting out the sellable waste which contributes for their only daily income. 
  With a very low income of maximum 50$ per family and month they are often not able to send their children to school regularly. Most of the children must work and help their parent as waste picker, whether the children who are still too young to contribute have to wait on the dumpsite for their parents return from work.  


  SAB in Battambang is constructed for many purposes:    
  Sanitary facilities (toilet, shower) are for all waste pickers and their children,    
  Dayroom is open all the time for waste pickers     
  The kitchen is equipped with cook stove fueled by biogas which is gained from waste utilization; it is for
    all waste pickers available.     
  Classroom is available as extra class for waste picker children who need help after school.
  School pate for waste picker children is important. They have also the same right like other children to go to school,
    therefore please give our children a chance to improve their life as waste pickers.
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